SMALL REELS OF STANDARD FIXION 2 TIES for professional electric tying machine with integrated battery.

Degradation after 10 to 12 months of use depending on the climatic conditions, the load and the quality of the trellising wire.

Steel wire: 0.44 mm

Average resistance of the attachment: 14 Kg (*)

Box of 60 spools.

(*) new attachment in optimal position

Small Coil Refill:

– lock the rear flange and turn the front flange clockwise to unlock it.

– remove the front flange of the adaptable reel

– set up the tie coil: match the 4 strappings with the

4 flats and make sure that the end of the link exits in the right direction.

NOTE: The spool must unwind clockwise.

Replace the front flange on the hub of the adaptable hose reel.

Block the rear flange and turn the front flange anti-clockwise to lock it.

Cut and remove the 4 strappings using the disgorging chisel.

Ideal Uses
Vineyards, Tying Drip Tube