Featuring a powerful brushless motor.16” Steel base mower Powered by a Samsung cell Lithium Ion battery for long runtime, constant no-fade power, it runs cleaner, quieter and is free from the hassles of petrol or cords. Pull the lever and you have an instant start, long run time and able to hold charge in storage for months.
Instant Start – No pull cords. No warm up. No petrol-oil mixing. No emissions.

Powerful 36V brushless motor 36V Lithium 2.5 Ah Samsung battery LED battery status indicator.16” cut.Easy push ball bearing wheels (rear wheels only).Lightweight 18.2 kg.
One battery system fits multiple tools.Grass Catcher.
Height Adjuster.One battery system fits multiple tools.
Environmentally friendly.
Low Maintenance.Extremely quiet.Dual battery system – will kick over to second battery when the first one is flat.Mulch plug (2-in-1).Quick release handles.Cup holder.Phone/ iPod holder.Soft grip top handle.

BR10036V BP100AV