DSRM-300 2Ah Kit
Professional battery powered brushcutter kit. Price includes ECHO 50.4V 2Ah professional battery and rapid charger.

As a professional, you can’t compromise when it comes to power; it’s what gets you through one job and onto the next.
At ECHO our goal is to increase productivity beyond expectations and our battery products are no exception to this.
Utilising the latest in lithium ion technology to give exceptional power, long battery life and quick charge times.
Backed by ECHO’s 5 year domestic, 2 year professional, and 2 year battery warranty.

Energy Efficient Motor Controls
Intelligent system optimises motor speed, power delivery and battery heat for best performance.

Variable Speed Control
Control cutting speed to achieve perfect trimming in a variety of situations.

50V Lithium Ion 2AH Battery
Small and light weight but packed with power to get jobs done.

Product Details.
Dry Weight (kg) 3.6
Battery compatibility 2Ah, 4Ah, 16Ah
Gear reduction ratio 1.4
Rated Voltage 50.4
Drive shaft diameter (mm) 6.0
Run Time (min) Up to 22 (14 inch), Up to 30 (12 inch)
Main Shaft Diameter (mm) 25