Clean your gutters safely and easily from the ground without a ladder, with the clever GC-M Gutter Cleaner.

In combination with telescopic handles (up to 4 meters in length), the GC-M gutter cleaner can access both singe and double storey gutters with ease, and remove the safety hazard normally associated with climbing up to gutter height on a ladder. Especially beneficial where the ground below is un-even or un-stable.

Featuring a replaceable brush body with integrated scraper for removing stubborn dirt and leaves. With a shovel on the opposite side to remove built up dirt. The working angle is adjustable on both sides to allow easier operation in more situations.

German made with a lifetime guarantee for both domestic and commercial applications, the GC-M Gutter Cleaner is an essential tool for both professional maintenance contactors and residential users.

Recommended handle for both single and double storey gutter cleaing: ZM-V4 220-400cm Vario Pole