• The new Greensmaster® eTriFlex models carry no hydraulic fluid and utilize all-electric components for traction, steering, lift and cutting. These EnergySmart® models are operationally friendly with noticeable noise reductions, operational cost savings, and other meaningful improvements to complement the ever-important enhancements in cutting performance. Combining the innovative, Double A-Arm Suspension System with industry-leading Flex technology, the cutting units float freely over any terrain. The new Radius Dependent Speed (RDS™) System, in combination with the Lift-In-Turn cutting unit leveling feature virtually eliminates the effect known as “Triplex-Ring”. This substantially improves both the aesthetics and playability of the green. And superior cutting performance is only the beginning. The patented Lift-Gate Footrest, Tool-Free QuickChange™ cutting units, Automatic “Slow-in-Turn” during Transport and Auto-Brake on Operator Dismount are just a few of the many new features that provide added versatility, simplified service, and ultimately, more productivity.

    Configuration Options:

    • Greensmaster 3360 All-Electric Engine Generator
    • Greensmaster 3370 All-Electric Battery Powered

Product Brochure

***Please note some specs maybe diffrent on Australian Models***

 All-Electric Traction,steering, Lift & Reel Control

-No onboard hydraulic fluid

-14.5 hp (10.8 kW) twin-cylinder Kawasaki with battery assist technology and up to 20% fuel savings. Constant 2,400 rpm and shrouded engine for quiet operation.

Radius Dependent Speed (RDS™) system for Optimal Perimeter Cut

-Clip Rate: maintains consistent cutting unit clip rate in turns on each individual reel

-Wheel Speed Control: individual wheel speed control during turns for reduced wheel scrubbing

-Lift-In-Turn: feature that provides a level cut from side to side, particularly in turns

Advanced Cutting Performance

-Double A-Arm suspension for superior contour-following

-Industry-leading Flex™ technology and DPA cutting units for easy adjustment and precision

-Lift-In-Turn feature combined with RDS provide a consistent cleanup cut

-Enhanced clippings capture system for improved turf health

-Automatically produces an even cut line across all reels when raising or lowering cutting units

-Ample power for accessories

Highly Productive and Versatile

-Ample power for a wide range of applications both on and off the greens

-Robust 16 km/h transport speed with built-in “Slow-in-Turn” feature

-Auto-Brake on operator dismount

-Foot operated parking brake

Innovative Maintenance Enhancements

-InfoCenter™ with advanced diagnostics

-Tool-Free, QuickChange™ cutting units

-Lift-Gate footrest for easy access to the center cutting unit

-Large, balloon-style tyres that are gentle on turf