Extremely tough and versatile, the IE-M Weeding Cultivator is a must have in any garden tool collection.

Made from high quality German steel, the Wolf-Garten Weeding Cultivator attachment can be used to break up the toughest soils and get your garden bed ready for planting.

While the weeding blade on the back quickly and easily uproots most common surface weeds, for easy raking out and removal

The 3 pointed tines are thick and strong to break through tough ground, while being narrow enough to get around plants and veggies.

German made with a lifetime warranty, the Weeding Cultivator is a high quality, versatile tool, that is built to last a lifetime.

Can be attached to a long handle for comfortable stand up use on ground level garden beds. Or can be attached to a smaller handle for use in raised garden beds.

Suggested handle for ground level cultivation/weeding: ZM-150 Hardwood Handle

Suggested handle for raised garden bed cultivation/weeding: ZM-04 Aluminium Short Handle