The Ultimate Cricket Wicket Roller! – Curators ideas, MowMaster design & engineering

Rear roller dimension of 900x900mm combining with a wall thickness of 25mm that has been fully machined with radius edges mounted on 60mm precision bearings allowing you the perfect result. Front Rollers are in 2 section with a wall thickness of 10mm that has also been fully machined combined with the unique hydraulic steering makes manoeuvring this roller a breeze.

Front and Rear roller scrapers are standard with optional scraper trays for unwanted clip and clay collection.

Huge sun shade with fully adjustable height and sides to allow maximum shade whilst rolling. Exceptional operator viewing area from the adjustable suspension seat with a swivel base to maximise vision. Easy operator controls with fixed and variable speed settings to suit any rolling speed and high speed traversing.

Total dry weight of standard roller is 1520kg and 2100kg water ballasted, the following weight options are also available in 1920kg dry and 2470kg water ballasted, 2320kg and 2820kg water ballasted.

Weight dispersion is key to the MowMaster WR660 Pitch Roller at 78% over the main roller means 1200kg down pressure on the rear roller. Possible down pressure of 1750kg water filled (more with the different weight options).

Powered by the ever reliable Honda 25HP V—Twin engine combined with our bullet proof Hydraulic transmission allows operating travel speed of up to 10km/hr plus. Please note the viewing are the operator has on both rollers.



  • Rear drum – 900mm diameter, The roller has a wall thickness of 25 mm and is fully machined.
  • Roller is mounted on 60mm bearings.
  • Front rollers are 2 section, 10mm thick and fully machined. Rollers are mounted on 50mm bearings.
  • Front and rear roller scrapers.
  • Unique hydraulic steering.
  • Huge sun shade, fully adjustable on both height and width.
  • Exceptional operator viewing area all from fully adjustable suspension seat including swivel.
  • Easy operator controls with speed settings.
  • Total dry weight of machine is 1370kg and 1960kg water filled plus operator.
  • Weight dispersion – 78% over main roller means 1070kg down pressure on main roller. Possible down pressure of 1530kg +.
  • Hydraulic transmission – variable up to 9km/hr.
  • Engine – 25hp Honda.

Please note the viewing area the operator has on both rollers.