Professional electric hand blower: AIRION 3.


Can be used easily, durably and whatever the weather conditions.

Tool supplied with a 75 mm nozzle.

(Attention tool delivered without battery! PELLENC battery to be chosen from our range according to the required autonomy).

Perfectly balanced in operation.

Unsurpassed effective thrust of 17.5 N.

Less strain on the wrist.

The angled suction reduces the noise felt by residents (79dB).

2.55 kg: actual weight of the cable in hand included.

Durable materials.


Ergonomic nozzle: ERGO.

Innovations: new patented intake grille.

Battery life indication.

Fast Connector System.

No toggle at startup.

The hand blower’s Fast Connector system allows quick connection and disconnection of the tool to the battery during work sessions.

Max power – W


Tool mass without cable – kg


Mass of the real tool in hand – kg


Actual air flow with round nozzle ** – m3 / h

920 (boost) / 810 (speed 4)

Max speed air flow rate with round nozzle ** – m / s

63 (boost) / 55 (speed 4)

Max speed air flow with flat nozzle – m / s

69 (boost) / 60 (speed 4)

Sound pressure (Lpa) *** – dB (A)


Guaranteed sound power (Lwa) *** – dB (A)


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**Tool Skin Only**