FIXION 2: new PELLENC electric tying machine with integrated battery.

For fruit trees, vine shoots…

Sold in its case, tying machine with integrated battery, belt, holster, disgorging scissor, a charger and its adapters, a small reel with reel adaptable to the tool, a large reel with side reel.

The PELLENC Fixion 2 tying machine speeds up your work thanks to its quick hitching system.

Capacity of use of the tying machine without recharging: up to 15,000 ties.

It improves the reliability and speed of often arduous and back-breaking work.

Fixion 2 works in the same way and ties all the ties in the PELLENC range, adapted to the different tying systems: Standard, Stainless Steel, Bio and Paper.

Also called: binder or vine binder.

Supplied with 1 integrated Li-ion battery, 1 reel + 1 60m reel, 1 reel + 1 200m reel, 1 charger (with adapters), 1 ergonomic belt with holster, 1 disgorger scissors, 1 storage case

Ideal Uses
Vineyards, Tying Drip Tube

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PELL10042 BP100AV