The WOLF-Garten Power Cut Pro 370 Pruning Saw Pro is super versatile. Use it as a standard handsaw, or attach to an extendable pole (up to 400cm long) and prune high branches, safely from the ground, without a ladder.

The strong, double-hardened Swedish Steel blade provides an extremely smooth cut to avoid bacterial infection in your trees. The hardened blade also stays sharper for longer, for year after year of fast effective pruning.

Additionally, there is a hooked end on the blade that helps to pull and remove branches from the tree easily after each cut. This hook also acts as a bump stop to prevent the saw falling off the branch while cutting.
Especially useful when pruning high branches, where locating the cut again would prove troublesome.

This WOLF-Garten Pruning Saw Pro is a versatile tool that will quickly become your go-to, for both ground level and high reach pruning jobs.

German made with a lifetime warranty, for both domestic and commercial applications. The Power Cut Pro 370 saw is an essential tool for arborists, professional gardeners and demanding home users.

Recommended handle for high reach pruning: ZM-V4 220-400cm Vario Pole