All New C35 Safety Secateurs

Activ’Security is a safety feature that instantly stops the blade if it comes into contact with the user’s finger.
The Activ’security safety feature works by means of a natural conductive loop formed by three contact points (in orange).
With double hand contact on the trigger and the lower body, the Activ’Security safety feature is engaged as soon as the user touches a metal part of the cutting head with the other hand.

The use of PELLENC conductive gloves is recommended for optimal safety in very wet or extreme conditions.
Two models available, in six sizes: “Lightweight comfort” and “Waterproof & breathable comfort”.

Fast and powerful battery-powered pruning shears with added safety features.

Kit Contains 35mm Cut, weight 720g, quiet 63(LpA) (dB) Complete kit includes pruner, battery, charger, cords, carry case, blade grease and sharpening stone.

3 years warranty.

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Ideal Uses
Vineyards, Orchards, Fruit Growers

PELL10042 BP100AV