The RedGum 32000 Super HDV Vertical Logsplitter is the most powerful logsplitter in it’s range! It is powered by a commercial Honda GX200 engine, and has a convenient hydraulic lifting table to lift heavy logs up to the splitting area. Save your back, and never lift a heavy log again!

The Vertical logsplitter has a powerful splitting force of over 32000kgs created by a large Hydraulic cylinder.

The RedGum 32000 Super HDV Vertical Logsplitter offers OVER 68% MORE SPLITTING FORCE than other available Vertical splitters in the market!

Features of the RedGum 32000 Super HDV Vertical Logsplitter

Extra large Splitting Table and added Extension Plate with reinforced pins that allow it to hold heavy logs without any problems!
Heavy-duty construction with thicker gauged steel.
Easily tow this logsplitter around your property using an ATV or a Ride on Mower with the added Tow Hitch!
Fitted with a Hydraulic log lifting table – saves you from the back strain!
Powered by a commercial Honda GX200 engine
Special German-grade Steel Wedge ensures greater penetration and sharper cuts.
The wheels are protected with Hubcaps to ensure smooth towing around your property.
The powerful Hydraulic pump has a fast cycle time of 14 seconds with added Leak-Proof Hose Burst Protection
3 year Commercial Engine Warranty & 2 year Logsplitter Warranty
This brand new logsplitter comes with great new additions that will improve your productivity and ensure many years of reliable, stress-free service.

The high flow hydraulic pump gives a fast 14 second cycle time, while the external oil filter allows cleaner running, and protects the internal hydraulic components from dust and dirt etc, for year after year of reliable service.

The RedGum 32000 Super HDV Vertical Logsplitter gives you the best value and power for your money and with RedGum’s Money Back guarantee, you can be sure that it will get the job done!