The RedGum Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter efficiently splits large logs up to 52cm long and 30cm thick. The side retaining bars ensure logs will stay in place without rolling around.

With a powerful 230v motor and 3-pin plug, this unit only requires a regular Australian power outlet. It’s Electric which means that this logsplitter does not emit fumes from petrol or diesel. Additionally, you can use it in a low-ventilation area such as a shed or garage, or outside in dry weather conditions and dry ground.

With its reliable performance, this Electric logsplitter is perfect for use in backyards or small rural properties.

Features of the RedGum Electric Logsplitter:

Powered by a 230V Electric Motor (with a 3-pin plug)
Splits with a force of over 12,000 kgs!
Fast cycle time of 16 seconds
3600psi splitting force
1 year RedGum warranty