The Wolf-Garten Premium Plus RR4000 Bypass Secateurs feature an ergonomic two-component handle with soft rubber insert for a firm grip while cutting.

With non stick hardened steel blades that are made to hold an edge for longer, and 30 degree cutting angle for reduced hand stress. The blades are also replaceable to bring the secateurs back to as-new cutting performance in future.

The internal spring system also means that the spring will not get caught, rust over time, fall off etc. WOLF-Garten secateurs are designed to last a lifetime, not just a season or two.

The bypass design of the RR4000 also provides the cleanest cut. It is ideal for pruning live plants and bushes, and will easily cut branches up to 22mm in diameter.

Guaranteed for 10 years for both domestic and commercial applications, the RR4000 secateurs are ideal for both professional contractors, and demanding home gardeners.