Here is a new concept from MowMaster. A Sight screen set up that will save you hours in time.
Unique design—Black one side, White the other. 360 degrees rotation in less than 30 seconds. Completely safe, no working at heights or heavy lifting.

Polyethylene inserts, 25mm cut outs allow good wind flow but still small enough for the Batsmen to have good back-ground vision of the ball. Strong and Flexible, Polyethylene can be cleaned of any De-bris including paint and bore stains with high pressure clean-ing. Colour does not fade and inserts can also be easily replaced if damaged. The screens have a very low centre of gravity and will with-stand strong wind speeds. The unique steering set up on the MowMaster Sight Screens make them extremely easy to tow and manoeuvre.

Another fantastic product from MowMaster making the job easier for the curator and staff to enjoy some more of there own time!


10Screen Area: 4800 x 4800mm
Screen Height: 5100mm
(covers a bowlers arm height of 2470mm @ 80m)
Traversing width: 3390mm
Extended Wheel Base: 5060mm
Length: 6100mm
Weight: 1100kg
Optional: Screen Height of 6000mm