22.5 hp Toro Commercial V-Twin 708cc

42 in (107 cm) Mowing Deck is perfect for mowing in tight areas with many trees and landscaping

Smart Speed® Control System has three ground speed ranges (Trim, Tow, and Mow) giving you greater control of speed and maneuverability for cutting grass and pulling attachments

Automatic Parking Brake – making operation simple

3-Year Limited Warranty – No Hour Limitations

***Free Delivery Statewide***

Onsite Servicing
Common Parts Available Online
For Added convenience

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Smart Speed® Technology

Take control over your mowing speed, while never sacrificing blade tip speed.

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Step-Through Front End

Getting on and off the mower to pick up yard debris and other obstacles is a breeze with a step-through front end.

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Storage Cubby

Now there’s a convenient and safe space in your under-seat cubby to store important items.

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Toolless Oil Change

Spend less time maintaining your mower with toolless oil change and filter.

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Handcrafted Seat

Ride in style with a handcrafted seat that provides the ultimate in padding and back support.

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Wet Spray Blocking Fenders

Shield your engine from tire spray and avoid backsplash on you with protective tire fenders.

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Cup Holder

Stay cool and hydrated with a built-in cup holder.

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Commercial DNA courses through these machines’ veins with the same technology professionals depend on. Get a beautiful, professional-looking lawn.

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Wide Rear Tires

Wide tires to reduce rutting in soft ground.

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