The Ventrac HQ682 Tough Cut Mower is the mower of choice for mowing high grass, thick weeds, and heavy brush. A large baffled front opening assists in directing materials into the deck and helps hinder debris from escaping. Three heavy-duty blades counter rotate to cut and deposit waste evenly without windrowing. Capable of tackling saplings and large thorn bushes, the Tough Cut makes short work out of overgrown thickets.

The HQ682 comes with front caster wheels as a standard feature. Four tie-down points have been added for secure trailering.

The Tough Cut has three adjustable cutting heights: 3, 3.62 and 4.25 inches. Easy servicing of belts and pulleys is provided by the hinged and removable cover. The manual tilt-up deck provides access under the deck. A hydraulic flip-up kit is available as an option for easier access to the underside of the deck for cleaning and blade replacement.

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