The Workman® HDX-D 2WD is a tough, 2-wheel drive diesel vehicle providing durability, excellent driving performance and versatility.

The Workman® HD Series is designed with your toughest work challenges in mind, from the front bumper to the rear bumper and everything in between. Design components like an I-beam shaped DeDion rear axle, a truss-like front space frame, integrated wheel bearings and hydraulic disk brakes on all four wheels provide one of the highest total carrying capacity in the industry and make the Workman® ready for the toughest challenges.

Product Brochure

***Please note some specs maybe diffrent on Australian Models***

Payload Capacity

The Workman® HDX-D 2WD vehicle provides total payload capacity of 1,313 kg.

High Performance Engine

Liquid cooled diesel engine provides excellent low end torque and is EPA Tier 4 emmission compliant and B20 biodiesel ready.

Tough Frames

The Workman® front space frame design is multi-dimensional or truss like, providing superior strength and torsional rigidity in rough terrain. The rear frame uses a C-channel design to provide superior strength in hauling heavy loads.

Front Impact Bumper

A specially designed composite bumper with seven (7) energy absorbing crush zone cones protects the Workman to withstand impacts up to 4.8 km/h under full load with no permanent deformation.

DeDion Rear Axle

The DeDion rear axle design is an automotive technology which isolates the engine, transmission and main frame from all load forces, eliminating stress to these main components. The I-beam design provides superior ability to handle vertical loading, exactly the reason I-beams are used extensively in the construction industry.

Ride Quality

Independent front suspension consisting of two double A-frames with opposing dual coil springs and dual shock absorbers provides 14.6 cm of front suspension travel. Rear suspension design consists of a DeDion rear axle and dual independent leaf springs and shock absorbers to provide 7.6 cm of rear travel. Benefits include operator comfort, safety, reduced operator fatigue, productivity and efficiency gains.

Disc Brakes

4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes provide greater stopping power and easier servicing than traditional drum brakes.

Operator Comfort

In addition to excellent ride quality, the HD Series offers an easy to read instrumentation package, enhanced leg room, a radio / beverage holder, easy to reach controls and a deep storage box.