Fits: Ryobi, Homelite, Stihl, Echo, McCulloch, and other small engines fitted with Zama C1U Carbs

Zama Carbs

C1U-H12 C, C1U-H12 D, C1U-H18 A, C1U-H18 B, C1U-H18 C, C1U-H18 D, C1U-H29, C1U-H30 B, C1U-H31 A, C1U-H31 B, C1U-H31C, C1U-H33, C1U-H39 A, C1U-H40, C1U-H41, C1U-H47, C1U-H48 A, C1U-H60 A, C1U-H60 B, C1U-H60 C, C1U-H60 D, C1U-H60 E, C1U-M35 A, C1U-P5, C1U-P6 A, C1U-P7, C1U-P10 A, C1U-P11 A, C1U-P11 B, C1U-P12 A, C1U-P14 A